" Change can be difficult but when you know the secret, it can be made with EASE & GRACE." 
- Mary Vivian and Haley 
Embrace The Change With Ease...
Without losing your Sh#t! 
Mary Vivian Braunschneider
Elite Executive Mindset Coach | Speaker 
Haley K. Carlson  
Wellness & Executive Mindset Coach | Speaker
A True STORY...
" I was going through many changes, personally and professionally when Mary first introduced me to this information. All I can say is it is LIFE CHANGING and PRICELESS! 
I run a successful holistic healthcare practice, single mom of 2 young children and was going for my Doctorate degree at the time. I felt I would have NO TIME to add a program or study to my daily activities! I knew I had to make a decision, so I took a leap, trusted in the process to make a better life for me and my family. What I discovered is by learning this information and applying it, I created MORE time in my day and now have increased my income and have become a calmer, happier, much more aware person…and now I am a Doctor! "

-Dr. Kimberly Leupold, DACM, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac., HTPA 
Holistic Health Care Centers
You can Change YOUR Life with Ease!
Here's How:
From "Impossible" 
"I'm Possible"

How to embrace whatever change you are going through... even if you think there is no way that is possible! 

Using the principles shared in this book can help you produce results that many would call miraculous.
Manifestation Stories

Learn how Haley and Mary have manifested amazing positive change with ease and grace after knowing the power was within them the whole time.  

You can do the same! There is no stopping you once you know the power you have within you! 
“If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.” - Louise Hay

How we see and feel about ourselves is essential to our success. You will learn how to create a new self-image and learn the truth about who you truly are!  A unique and beautiful individual whose only limits are those held in the mind.  Learn the TRUTH and discover how marvelous you are! 
When you look back over the past year and notice you have changed for the better and living the life of your dreams while embracing your change with ease! 

Experience the feeling of ease and grace when you discover the secret to change. 
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